My Spring-Summer Skin Care Routine

Hey lovelies! Thank you so much for reading, and here is a post I’ve been wanting to write FOR AGESSSS. First of all, I’m the type of person that likes to try different products, so I don’t really have a consistent skincare routine. However, for the past couple of months I’ve been loving the ones I’m about to share, since they’ve been so good to me.

My type of skin is combination, however it can get drier or oilier depending on the weather conditions. My skin is also semi-sensitive and I have had acne in the past, so I’m still dealing with some hyper-pigmentation spots left on my cheeks. Anyways, enough rambling and let’s jump right into it, shall we? I’ve included direct links to all the products I’m about to mention, so feel free to check the prices, ingredients, etc:


If I am wearing makeup, which I try my best not to on a regular basis, I first use a makeup remover to get rid of the first layer, so when I use a cleanser afterwards I can focus more on what’s sticking on my face. I alternate between these:

The Body Shop “Camomile Waterproof Eye & Lip Make-Up Remover” This gets rid of pretty much anything! Totally recommended if you wear waterproof makeup and struggle to remove it afterwards. It has no added colour or fragrances, which works really good since I’ve got sensitive eyes.

Garnier “Micellar Cleansing Water” If you are reading this, I’m pretty sure you’ve tried this before sis. I am really pleased with it. It is an easy on-the-go alternative since it’s sold pretty much everywhere and its super affordable. I usually buy the small size and it’s the one I take with me when I travel.

Cinch “Face It: 5 in 1 Cleanser + Glow” Although this is meant to be a cleanser, I generally use it after I wash my face, and helps me get rid of any residues left specially on my eyes (PS; Don’t you guys hate removing mascara??). Its for all skin types and the formula is alcohol free.


The Body Shop “Tea Tree Facial Scrub”. This product is 100% vegan and contains tea tree oil, which is antibacterial and helps get clear skin. This leaves my skin super clear and helps my pores appear unclogged. However, tea tree is a little bit drying so If you use this, make sure you apply a good moisturizer afterwards.

Lush “Cup O’Coffee Face and Body Mask”. This scrub is awesome. As the name indicates, you can use it in both your face and body safely. I have not used it recently, but when I do, I love it. I’ll suggest you use it in the shower since it can get a little bit messy. It is not super harsh on the face, and if you want to use i on your body it’s perfect before shaving to get rid of any ingrown hairs.


The Body Shop “Cleansing Gel Wash”. This cleanses your skin whilst re-balancing moisture levels. It is recommended for combination to oily skin, however I think it is suitable for all skin types. It is oil free and leaves my skin feeling super refreshed. Sometimes if I am wearing a light layer of makeup I just use this bad boy, it gets rid of pretty much anything without stripping out my skin.

Formula 10.0.06 “Be Berry Ready Daily Foaming Cleanser”. This product is perfect for the days when you’re not wearing tons of makeup or none at all. It has a very gentle formula that moisturizes the skin while gently washing away any impurities. However, because it has such a gentle formula, I only use it when my skin is feeling a bit drier, which is usually during winter.


The Body Shop “British Petal Face Gel Toner”. A cult favorite. Firs of all, I love toners because you can see if there is any excess residue on your skin, even after cleansing. I love this toner, specially for summer. It is very refreshing and in the mornings since I don’t use face wash, I cleanse my face with water and apply this toner with a cotton pad. Makes my skin feel super soft, and it has a non-alcohol formula.

Bragg “Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with The Mother”. Girl, although I no longer use this, it’s helped me get rid of my acne!!! Three years ago I had a sugar reaction and I got so many huge pimples all over my skin and this baby over here helped me A LOT. I would use it as a toner every single night, and it balanced the PH levels of my skin. Apple cider vinegar has also helped me A LOT with weight loss, and if you’d like to know more about it do let me know so I can write in more detail about it.


The Body Shop “Drops of Light: Pure Healthy Brightening Serum”. MY FAVORITE SKINCARE PRODUCT. I went through a face of layering so many different random oils on my skin, and although it made my skin hydrated, there would be little pimples appearing on my face. The texture of this serum is super light and it absorbs super easily. I use this every single night before my moisturizer, and this is what’s actually helped me brighten up my hype-pigmentation spots and make my skin tone look even. Also, guess what? It’s helped me get rid of my dark circles!!


Cinch “Face Cheat: Moistruiser + Glow”. This is a 72 hour moistruiser in spray, perfect for Spring/Summer since it feels very refreshing. When it’s humid outside or in feeling dry, I literally just spray it on my face during for extra moisture if I need to. Guess what? Works as a setting spray and gives me that glowy look.

The Body Shop “Skin Defense SPF 50 Moisturizer”. Did you know the Sun is number one cause of aging? Sis, you better start using SPF if you’re not already. We are supposed to use sun block every day, even if it is not “sunny” -Shout out to English weather (: . In addition, this product is super light, so will not make your skin oily or whatsoever. Let me tell you, it also works perfect as a makeup base and what else can I say, I laave it.

The Body Shop “Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moistruiser”. This is the perfect everyday moisturiser for spring/summer. In the morning I alternate between this and the “Skin Defense” mentioned above. I occasionally use both since they have a very light-refreshing texture, and this formula in particular does not contain SPF. Vitamin C is energizing and hydrating, and it has definitely made a difference in my skin. It makes my face look brighter and more awake. Also, as I’ve mentioned before, vitamin C will help you even up your skin tone and eventually get rid of any hyper-pigmentation.

The Body Shop “Vitamin E Moisture Cream”. The perfect basic every day cream. I use it at night time because the Vitamin C moisturizer is too light, and I prefer using something more hydrating overnight. Suitable for all skin types, however, I’d say it’s better for normal to oily skin. Please sis, make sure you moistruise every day. If your skin is super dry, it will wrinkle up faster!


The Body Shop “Tea Tree Night Lotion”. Whenever I get random pimples, I use this overnight and let me tell you, it dries all them bad boys out! However, I’ve noticed this product can be a little bit over-drying, so I don’t think it is suitable for everyday use, unless you have very oily/problematic skin. If you decide to use it, do not apply it all over your skin, only on top of any spot/pimple.

The Body Shop “Japanese Matcha Tea Pollution Clearing Mask”. This is perfect for when it’s THAT time of the month. It helps with breakouts, but does not dry the skin out. It also helps remove any impurities, so totally recommend using this like once a week or so. It also gently exfoliates my face, so I use this when I’ve been wearing tons of makeup and I need to detox my skin! Laave it.


ACV: If you are dealing with excessive pimples or acne, please do give apple cider vinegar a chance. The smell is not so pleasant but I promise you will see results. Just apply a tiny bit on a cotton pad all over your face, followed by your favorite moisturiser.

SLEEP: Sis, I loove waking up early and being so very productive. Whenever I sleep around 8 hours my skin looks radiant and plumped up. Don’t have to mention that not sleeping enough will give you dark circles and will accentuate premature ageing. DUHHH.

WATER: I’ve always been so bad at drinking enough water. However, ever since I took my health and fitness journey more seriously, I’ve been drinking plenty of water and it DOES have an effect on the appearance of my skin.

MAKEUP: Sleeping with makeup on was so 2015 sis. Make sure you remove any makeup you’ve been wearing for the day, and wash your face at least every night. I’m sure you don’t wanna age too soon, do you? Also, I try to avoid wearing makeup everyday, just to let my skin breathe and all that jazzz.

DOCTOR: Sometimes, excessive acne can be hormonal, and unfortunately no amount of miraculous skincare products will help you. I suggest you visit your doctor or a dermatologist if you’re dealing with so to recommend you a specific treatment.

I like to switch my skincare routine around depending on the weather conditions and time of the month. I also like trying new products and seeing what works best for me. I hope this post helped you get some inspo for your skincare regimen, and if you have any questions, feel free to drop me a message or comment down below.

Until next time, A xxx